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A short note once again.

After 3 weeks of ibiza festivals I came to Marseilles to work with Mathilde and the group.
Has been really good. We had our performances yesterday and today… And they went ok, today better than yesterday I think. Tomorrow we are going to do small work in progress showing, but with something completely else.

On tuesday I take a train to Frankfurt. Happy and exited to go there. Reasons why, might reveal themselves later. If…
I need a place to live in frankfurt. Both women I though I could live with have found a place for themselves. And I know I will find really nice place and very soon… But maybe I need to change it to live there alone… Let’s see.

Been doing bodyworks/massages extempore, and getting peopke to cry… It’s interesting… But all by accident.
Still thinking how I can sell this work onwards and enough…
I know I’m good at it, but I know I can be better, with time and experience and studies.

Ok, tomorrow is a change of space, from this what was to something in the middle and then it’s time to travel, and be between a bit more…
But I wait that…

Good night and good luck to you all.

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