3 weeks of rain

No, not really, but thinking it’s ibiza and august, surprisingly lot.
Well, I don’t have a long history over here so how would I know, jsut never before in past 5 years.

3rd week of the festival is starting today.. I’m way too tired but I can only blame myself going to sleep at 3 o’clock instead of 00 or 1 and waking up around 9 everyday.

Lovely time lovely people, but it’s quite a lot.
And this year I’ll continue straight one to another week of work, nevertheless I think it will be easy, since not so much people and energy around.

Dancing has been and is amazing, only the coldness of the past few nights has set some challenges.
Either to move fast, keep warm but wear yourself out, or then go fast, then when taking easier getting cold because of the chill.. I hope some more warmth comes to meet us in coming nights.

Heard that Laura (you’re more than superstar) who I met in Fraiburg got into Frankfurt. Being very happy about that since it’s nice to have nice people on your class.

At some moments worried already about the future, but then decided to pass it into the future, since now, over here only things to worry about is clean dance clothes and lack of sleep.

All and all, after wasting few years into nothing… Life is great right now. And it will continue staying great, even if I don’t always notice it…

Feeling that I know more and more.
Trick is to know.
I always knew, but didn’t trust it.
Can’t trust it always now either, but more and more.
Lovely people on our way.

Soon I’ll start the school and I’m thinking how much of that will filter through here… and how much I try to place under another headline..

Things are, as thay are.

Tale to tell?

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