This is somethig I’ve been meaning to write a long long time, but somehow, my writing about music never gets it.
I don’t have the theoretical base for that, and more importantly, unlike philosophy or religion, when we are not talking about ideas but an actual song, I find it hard to reason why am I writing and not just posting up music.

I found Monopot long time ago. Still living in outokumpu. They were on smalltown supersound, which was also releasing Kim Hiorthøy and Jaga Jazzist. I don’t remember much except that I found mp3 shop and over there I had the chance to listen to the songs, Hiorthøy and Monopot. At the time they had a bug on the player on their site. Mainly the player played 30 sec on anysong, but the nice thing was that you could choose any part of the song. However the bug was that if you put the song playing and then opened new tab on your browser it didn’t cut it to 30 sec but played the whole song.

I remember listening Sundried from their first album “something is like nothing was” and being happy. Such a simplicity, such a fullness and richness of feeling. Even now, after countless of listenings when I listen the song it brings the tears of joy in my eyes.

Few days I spent looking for a shop where to buy the actual physical albums. It was a bit hard, but then I think I found them in such a banal place as
They had made 2 albums and one ep and I ordered all of them at the same time.
Somehow I think I had heard Kim’s mix of Sane and really liked it (it’s still one of my favourite Hiorthøy tracks, because after remix it’s pretty pure Kim)

So I got the albums and they more or less blow me away.
From some review I had read this phrase of monopot being like Mogwai on valium. And someway that still rings true.
And somehow it doesn’t. Because of course when labelling things, Monopot certainly has it’s attachments with post-rock, and what relates them to Mogwai is the quality of songs. (Well, now mogwai has done several albums, some pieces good some bad, the advantage of monopot is that since they only made two albums they don’t have any of the “bad” songs). The music is slow, peaceful, melancholic, beautiful as…, lyrics are simple yet, brilliant although I rarely really listen what are they saying, for me it’s more about the atmosphere that they create. I often notice that I have a lot of lines of the lyrics on my head.
One important thing, at least for me, that really mmm separates (maybe too strong word, but still) Monopot from the most of the “post-rock” acts is that they don’t really do these huge crecendos, somehow everything always stays mm.. not controlled, but on the stream… like it doesn’t spill over, the intensity is made huge by having it in the stream, not spilling it over the edges. And it’s one of the things that really makes the music so extremly powerfull, such a slowliness yet such power and intensity.
Actually when I think about it the whole term post-rock doesn’t seem to apply so much on to them. Maybe post-pop. There is rock, for sure, it’s a trio. But in the repetition and simplicity of the song is also huge amount of pop sensibility.

Some people are holding one album better than other. for me they’re both great and I don’t see any sense holding either one better, because we are moving in such a spheres of brilliancy that there’s no point trying to pin down which one would be better. Of course “something is like nothing was” is older, by the sounds somehow and production.
The sound world of Optipess is more lush… but is it better. For those songs it is better.

Speaking about the lushess… Listen the opening of the album Diamant… It’s like someone is pouring honey (in all the good senses) all over you.. like a slow welcomed avalanche of honey…

Liquid drop on paper…

These two albums (I have to say that I haven’t listened the 4 song ep that much) have been absolutely saviours ever since I heard them. They have been all the time on my iPod (If you look at my last fm stats monopot is on second, and they only have two albums, so it tells something how many times I’ve been listening those albums over again)

Everytime I’ve felt that I need them, never has the music failed to save me, to bring me back or take me away.

For a long time I was looking for new albums, tried to figure out what has happened (there’s not much info on the net of them) but I didn’t found much. last december One kind soul posted me through that I should check Black Smoke Records and Rally and Summen on their rooster. According to the site Rally is somehow continuation of Monopot. Later Rally changed the name to Summen. And true I can hear Monopot there. And thus far both albums are great as well. Only thing that I miss is the voice, the singing, the words. Nevertheless I am really greatfull that the same musical vein is continuing (quite a lot actually, listen to Smalltown Superbored from Optipess and then listen to Blind Crest from Rally’s Spoiler, same same but different). Since the last december (you can download the albums for free) also those two have been on my iPod continuously. And they have the same quality, I can’t really pick bad songs in there. But I miss the voice.

Anyway. I really really recommend that you visit Black Smoke Records and get those albums. And if possible give them some money as well. Of Monopot, I really recommend that you find and buy the albums. I’m not sure how easily you can find them from internet, but nevetheless. For such a great music, it would be nice that the makers would get something.


From Something Is Like Nothing Was:


Alien Me Alien

From Optipess:

Bomb of Bliss

Smalltown SuperBored

Tale to tell?

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