Top 2010 kinda

Well. I remember this being hard already last year, and now it’s even harder.
So why should I do it?
I notice that more I travel the less I really listen or find new music and nevertheless I do find music, but it’s not necesarily new in means that it would have released on 2010.
So I just mention a few, not in any kind of order.

William Basinski - Vivian and Ondine
William BasinskiVivian and Ondine
OK, released december 2009. However, superb as mister Basinski’s work usually.
Please go to his page (link above) and order.

Songs of Flowers and Skin
Aidan BakerSongs of Flowers and Skin
Release if I remember right. Nevertheless great work, more song than ambience oriented. I like.

Recyclings two
Bass Communion / Vidna ObmanaContinuum recyclings volume two
Remixes by Justin Broadrick. Yeah.

final + ffb
Final + Fear Falls Burning
Yes this is good.

perfect gap
Summen Perfect Gap
Great great great. I have to write more about this and Monopot. And it’s FREE. Although I really recommend to either make a donation or then order the cd-r

Great great great great. This is between monopot and Summen. Superb I’ll write more. And it’s FREE. I think these two might be the “saviours” of 2011.

Since this don’t really tell much. I’ll add few lists from




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Tale to tell?

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