iPod and Aidan

Probably a small note.

This far scrobbling of my iPod has (usually) worked fine. To those of you who don’t know what the hell I’m talking about go here.

But last two times it just haven’t done it. It’s deeply annoying, how the hell I supposed to be updated what I have been listening then? How the hell other people should be updated what I’ve been listening (like they care)? My charts are all wrong, Aidan should be more up! A great tragedy of times, you see.

Talking of Aidan, I’ve had some new stuff from him and have listened some old stuff as well (new and old to me, this doesn’t relate to release dates).

This far Figures has been clearly my favourite. It’s the most easiest one, having beautiful theme that keeps repeating (more or less) through out the whole albums. It’s poppiest and easiest to grasp. Green and Cold has come as a good second. Well, I’m not sure is anything changed yet, but clearly Scalpel is in the same vein as Figures and G&C being quite easy, a lot of singing, beautiful guitar stuff etc. Then on more atmospheric stuff I really like the Sea swells a bit… already because of the name and The Taste of Summer on Your Skin for the same reason. To be hones I don’t remember anything from the taste of summer… not theme, not rhythms (like there would be in ambient) I just know it’s good, and it has to be good because of the name. I would never forgive if somebody would use such a great name for something horrible. But when listen the actual music you’ll notice that it is good, so no worries there. It’s not just my fixation on great titles, it is really good stuff.

Great great. I also got Traumerei which sounded really nice, but I noticed that my computer has troubles ripping cd-r’s since towards the end of the album there is this rhythmic noise that I’ve noticed with some cd-players when playing cd-r’s. Then I noticed the same on the “Dance of lonely molecules” so it seems I have to rip then again and through analog input (cd player -> stereos -> iMac. No I don’t have digital input on my iMac, too old for that). And as for Merrel|Baker|Jordan – Nagual it totally refused to even recognize the cd. It has done it before with two cd’s and it’s still very annoying. It seems like I’ll have to get a new computer soon. Anyway I got Nagual as .zip from a friend of mine, so no worries.
I also just got Baker‘s Suchness. Suchness is a series from Gears of Sand and Aidan is the first contributor for the serie. I haven’t had time to listen to it yet though.
Let’s back up a bit. Both Dance of Lonely Molecules and Traumerei sounds really nice. Traumerei seems to be more song oriented than Dance… which is more towards ambient mass. But these are just tastes after a few listening so maybe I should be sharper here, listen a bit more.

He’s a funny guy. Releases a lot of stuff with his own name, arc and Nadja and at least almost all of the solo material and all of the Nadja stuff is excellent. I haven’t heard arc at all, and to be hones I try to avoid it since I have enough work as it is trying to find and get all of his solo and Nadja releases and listen to them all properly.

Ok, more when I know more. All and all, most of it is great.

BM and other things

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