have to post this

Check Trent Reznor interview here. THat actually makes me want to buy his album, eventhough I’m quite unsure will I like it. And I certainly hope that I could really buy it from him, the money going straight to him instead of leeches at universal.

Support small Labels! Support real bands! Support music instead of hit radio shit you hear everyday everywhere.

can’t say


I think I feel a bit better.

Had a wednesday getting the boat on float and putting the motor on it and trying to get the pier on it’s right place. Didn’t succeed with the pier because it needs more power than 2 men has.

Been listening to Nadja even more. I realised that it’s going to take ages before I get new [stereo]amplifier, since there’s no work insight. So instead of waiting to digitize some vinyls I can as well do that now. So I digitized Nadja’s bodycage since it’s has two other version of autosomal neither one of them is on cd, and Ryoji Ikeda’s VPRO sessions and William Basinski’s a red score in tile, since both of those are vinyl only releases if I have understood correctly. Quality seems to be alright, at least for iPod, although I’m going to burn them all on cd too. Wednesday I also got Atavist / Nadja – 12012291920/1414101 which I of course had heard before. It has really nice covers that does. It would be even better to get on vinyl.

I’ve been trying to get all the Releases from Nadja, but it’s very very hard. I think I have all the essentials though.

everything else i forgot.

free days

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