Travel is dangerous

see beneath the stairs

Had a talk with her. It’s not ok, her back hurts, but I’m not willing to pay. Even if the initiate would have come through my mistake, the reason it has become chonical(?) is not. I do feel guilty though, but not enough. And I am truly sorry. Anyway, I think we will get along. I hope that the insurance will deal with it. It should after all.

I was wrong about Mr. Beast’s folky kind of way, it’s ot folky it’s country. listen acid foor, those slide guitars, it’s country music man. And to be honest it’s kinda hard bit in a way, maybe my musical taste is becoming even broarder. Anyway acid foor is not my favourite song anyway. But todays headine is along with folk death ’95, which in my opinion has nothig to do with folk music though, and friend of the night of course, and we’re no here.

Day after tomorrow starts registration for freiburg contact festival. I will try. Contact moscow is coming. NIM I’ll definetly try to go and straight after freiburg there’s ECITE in austria. Argh. Money.

I’m too much in here but skype works fine. Which is nice.

Hope the days will get better.

Tale to tell?

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