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Today I heard that if insurance doesn’t pay, I will. I’m not sure was she serious, really. I think she was, but come on: During an improvisation lesson in a improvisation I jumped on her back. Jump is a too big word though, but used her back as a support, quite easily. I was surprised that she got angry, since I was quite sure it was a soft touch and weight. It was, but maybe she scared a bit because it surprised her. I don’t remember anyone reacting much, including the teacher. I don’t even remember that she would have wanted ice for it, which is really a basic procedure. About 6 months later I heard that her back was still a bit hurt , but she said that she has also been lifting her child often so it’s hard to say what is the exact reason. She also went to one third year student final work (back then final works didn’t have to be a solo you see, like now), and quit just week before the performance because of her back. I would guessed that she could have refuse a bit earlier if her back was really giving trouble all the time. Now, year and a half later I hear that if insurance doesn’t pay, I will. Well, I will not. She hasn’t really taken care of herself in these 18 months or so. And nothing is really broken. According to three doctors the pain she’s having is muscle pain, she probably has an infection because she hasn’t taken care her back enought to let it heal. And now she’s blaiming me. The implications of this case are rather worrying. Risks are included in the work of a dancer, there might be misjudgements, miscalculations. Do I need to take certificate from everyone I work with, that they don’t sue me? Or can I trust that they will take care of themselves? Anyway, I think this will not lead to anysort of trouble, but her additue is really annoying. Got me angry enough. And it’s sure that I will not work with her again. Luckily I don’t have to. I rather work with people to whom I can trust.

So not a happy day in anyways. Luckily Mr. Beast is at least as good as I expected. Wonderful, truly wonderful. Although there’s singing in quite a few songs, and some of the songs are rather happy in a folky kind of way, but still it works fine.

Mogwai – Mr. Beast
Katatonia – The Great Cold Distance
Alva Noto – Trans-
Jesu – Heart ache

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