be my open eyes

Logh again.

Ok, been in lappland for a week. Slept 4 nights in iglu, it was not cold sleeping but it was cold. I have a good sleeping bag, yes.

Again we are an hour ahead of our time although I do not know the time and what is ours? nothing.

Been reading Ursula K Le Guin‘s “the dispossessed” which is probably one of the most beautiful books I’ve read this far. I’m reading it again, this time in english, yes I read it about two years ago in finnish, then it was probably on of the most beautiful books I’ve had read.
Read it.

Before going to north I saw H and to my fortune or misfortune it was in Keltainen Jäänsärkijä which is one of the best recordshops in helsinki.
As a result got Meds which is placebo and the great cold distance by Katatonia. Meds stays in plastic with Mr.Beast until tomorrow but Katatonia I’ve been listening to and hey it’s good. It won’t beat Discouraged ones but what would. It at least as good as Viva Emptiness and that’s good since Viva emptines was their best album after discouraged ones. Meaning it is better than “last fair deal gone down” and “tonight’s decision”, but doesn’t beat DO or “brave murder day”. Anyway, sounding good.

The last film I got developed was quite useless. bummer.

There was something important I wanted to write about but I’ve forgot it totally, later.

Tori Amos has released a live box set, 79€. Nyyh.

More Pärt, and Reich and Glass. Thanks.

Soon I’ll be back home. How nice it is to be able to wake up to the sounds of music, make a good cup of coffee and some bread. Sit on a kitchen table, and read. Luxury. We who are able to do this, should feel blessed.

Tale to tell?

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