Next NIM

Here on a trip I don’t have a clue about the pictures, so no photos.

Next NIM will be in 1st-6th of June, it will cost 125€ and will happen in Norway, an hour trip away from Oslo. All those interested contact someone soon, You should register before 1st of may by paying 60€ deposit. All of those who don’t know what NIM is either find out or forget it.

Got “Mr. Beast” of course but totally forgot to ask about “friend of the night”. I don’t actually have money to either of these but come on, it’s new Mogwai. You can always find some money to new Mogwai. Also found out that Tori Amos has released an official bootleg compilation which seems to be a treat but it’s 75€ so no can do.

And thinking about photos I have 7 films waiting to be developed and that will take about 70€ as well. So what will it be? Photos, Amos, rent, something completely different.

Visiting mom is always annoying. It’s tragic how everything she owns seems to be crap. I just washed some snowboarding clothes on ~30 degrees and it took one hour and forty minutes! Car’s locks seemed to be broken, this computer is crappy and this flat is full of useless cheap crap. Mostly towels. How many towels (and sheets) can one woman need? Some how this makes me feel excused to use her money. I mean I use it much more wisely than she does. (Well, that of course depends on a point of view. Which one do you prefer, cd’s containing good music or tens and hundreds of different kinds (color not the quality) of sheets and towels?). I’m old already and being a bit worried about my likeness to my mother. I also seem to accumulate stuff around me, and yes sometimes it’s even useless, but still at this point it’s mosly not. When I get older will I also start to buy cheap, useless and tacky stuff like her? Hope to god not.
Well it’s her money of course, the thing that confuses me is that she’s most of the time complaining that she doesn’t have the money but everytime I come and visit (once every two months?) some new stuff (like table, mirror, crappy radio, postboxes saying 100€ that have contained god knows what) have appeared. She could save a lot of money just not buying crappy things. Already I feel sorry for my future self having to figure out what to do with all the stuff when she’s gone. And that won’t (hopefully) happen in many years.

Happier sides of visiting “home” is that there’s is even some food in the fridge, although you have to be quite sharp with “best before” dates, but usually there’s something eatable too.
And there’s still some of my own stuff. although it’s getting harder and harder to find those underneath all her stuff. What seems to be clear is that I won’t be moving here after school.

Helsinki has it sides. Good and bad. One of them is R.

Bought fresh dates yesterday, very very good. Good side.


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